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Sanctuary Art

Join the Dance
Join the Dance, church sanctuary
This wonderful wall of art created by Richard Davis, assisted by his wife, Bev

Just Dance
Written by Rev. James Simmons, retired

"Be still - for you are in church. Quiet sitting is required." But listen with still hearts as the Spirit flows in and around us - Compelling us to move to the Dance of God.

The music began even before God's Word of "Let there Be " But men and women resist the music of Yahweh For it is too free and often too unconfining. We care more for limitations, for power and for the approval of others. But souls who find life's song - the music box of God - drink of the eternal energy of the ages. The heart finds intimacy with the Maker and desires to move with eternal Spirit.

King David with joy - danced with elation and worship as the ark entered Jerusalem. Esther boldly lifted her people's cause - with strength and passion as she danced in truth. Moses fought God in the music played - thinking himself unworthy for the dance of a leader - But his willingness to dance made him a cornerstone to free the Hebrew people from the confines of silence to life's music and dance. His sister also danced to God in the triumph of crossing the Red Sea. The foreigner - Ruth - found the music of God through Naomi - and by listening to the dance music - became a part of the rich heritage of Christ.

Many try to ignore God's tune of liberty, forgiveness and love. Those first of life Adam and Eve felt that their own music was right - was clear - was true. But Truth and Love in purity can only be channeled through God. So through life - they, too, learned of the Movement of Eternal Light. Let us not forget Noah - who listened with awe to a different tune - laughed by peers and scorned by his family - but rewarded with victory and life in a fresh world of new beginnings and rainbows. We see his dance as he leaps from the ark in worship to God.

But the Dancer of the ages come from one least likely - one despised by social norms - provoking a movement that was embraced primarily by whores and criminals - by the marginalized and the indiscrete. The Dancer spoke of a spiritual dance to a song for all to hear with their hearts - no matter the culture, the age, gender or the life. Pious fundamentals schemed to kill the music and the dance instructor. They debated it, they argued its morality - and then they murdered both the dance and the music and said, "There - That takes care of that!"

But early the next Sunday morning - the music softly began again - and grew and grew and grew - so that the whole world was able to hear its lovely melody - So that the whole world was able to move - So that the whole world was be able to dance as holy Children with God.

And so this morning - we come to hear the ancient vibrant music - and allow our souls to move to the heart of God. To allow ourselves to become one with Creator and God's dance of forgiveness and grace, of mercy and of love as the invitation comes, "Dance with me - my children dance to the music of Abundance - of Eternal Promise - of life without barriers in my Kingdom of Kindness. Dance with me - dance with Life - dance in celebration of a wonderful Unity of the Spirit. Don't look at your feet. Look up to Me and DANCE!"