This is a summary of Christ's Church Board Meeting of January 19, 2021 held by zoom.

If you are interested in the full text of the minutes please talk to Gail Saxowsky, the current Board Clerk.


The Annual Statistical Reports for both Denominations were approved to be submitted by the clerk.                                  

Ned Kenney was elected Treasurer but graciously declined the position.

Gail Saxowsky was elected Clerk of the Board.


MSC to request the Presbyery to pay percapita in installments for 2021.

·      Fiscal year 2020 ended with Income:  $134,219.62  and Expenses: $123,495.84

·      Discussion about some of the catergories, especially about the balances in some of the designated funds accounts

MSC to allow the PJM Ministry Team to spend up to $4000 from the Mission Trip account for some of the local mission needs either from the pandemic or the forest fire clean up and rebuilding.


Steering Task Force:   This task force was a result of the Annual Charge Conference / Annual Meeting in Nov. with the charge of getting the administrative responsibilities of the congregation functioning again.  This was to include clarifing responsibiities and roles especially in the area of finances, office general functioning and giving Pastor Dave support. 

To date the Task Force has updated the Financial Policies & Procedures utilizing the existing Christ’s Church documents and denominational resources, and shared this document with the current Treasurer and financial secretary and the Stewardship Team.  There has also been a major effort to catch up the organization in the church office, records and filing.

Another significant component that needs nuturing and growing is Communications.  This needs to be more during this time of pandemic and isolation.


Stewardship Team:   

·      it was agreed that both 2019 & 2020 should be included in the audit

·      The plan is to have a 2021 Budget ready by Feb. Board meeting

·      The furnaces downstairs were repaired March 2020 with a cost of $1148 / plans to talk with company to come back because they only worked on a temporary basis

Staff Parish Relations Team: 

·      Have met on Sunday and plan to meet more consistently for the next few months

·      Thanks to Jim B-L for being Chair and Dwight T. for being Board Rep for this past year.

·      Linda Grund-Clampit will be Chair and Board Representative this year

·      The decision was made to not ask for budget for an Administrative Assistant for  now and to use volunteers to handle the office needs

·      Also asked for prayers for Pastor Dave’s upcoming surgery on Feb. 4th and his recovery.

Education Team: 

·      There has been some conversation but nothing new planned for now

Worship Team:   

MSC to authorization administration of communion on the first Sunday of each month and for special occasions as planned with the Worship Team and Pastor.

·      Discussion encouraged finding ways to extend communion to those not able to attend via zoom

·      Discussion with SPRC & Worship to encourage Pastor Dave to take one Sunday per month off considering the half time position, leaving some time for other pastoral activities

·      Discussion also encouraged finding ways to fill in for Sundays when Pastor Dave is gone without having to spend pulpit supply monies.

Peace, Justice & Mission Team:  

·      Hospitality Week  -  meal from CCMP 1/31/21

·      Are working with Red Cross for a potential blood drive in May.  They use all the precautions needed for Covid and use the sanctuary  -  this worked well last spring

·      Had asked that the $400 for each denominational mission partner be paid out of the Mission Trip fund  -  this has been done.

Old Business: 

·      Question was raised about who will manage the garden plots  --  Pastor Dave said he and his son would get them cleaned up this spring.   No one took responsibility for the management

New Business:

·      Clerk was given permission to send thank you notes to all those who were involved in leadership for 2020.

Important Dates:

            Next Board Meeting February 16, 2021

            Presbytery Meeting – March 12 & 13

The meeting was adjourned with prayer.