This is a summary of the Church Board Minutes from 1.18.22 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.



            Sacrament of Lord’s Supper                         Jan. 2 =17  in attendance


            Correspondence:  shared a letter of thanks from the Ella Curran Food Bank for our Churches suppoet.

Reviewed the Annual Reports for both denominations.         These were approved to be submitted.


Financial Report:  written reports were reviewed and can be found in the files.

            End of 2021 Income:   $109,741      End of 2021 Expenses:  $114,063

MSC to accept the Financial Report.

Denominational Reports:

·      Linda S. shared information to connect with the zoom meeting “Abundance Health Care” offered through the UM District.  The link can be found in the UM Cascadia newsletter.

·      Beverly shared that the Cascade Presbytery is very interested in being involved in our churches discernment in the coming months.


Team Reports:

Stewardship Team: 

·      Parsonage annual report was reviewed.  Three persons were involved in the walk through.  The general condition of the parsonage moved from “Good in 2019 to Fair currently”

·      Steve will bring a plan for refurbishing parsonage accompanied with estimated costs to the next Board meeting which will include inside and outside needs.

·      There needs to be a safer place to keep the lawn mower, considering parsonage garage.

·      There has been a request from Western Compass to have meals with students in the building.  Steve will communicate the decision to WC

MSC to allow Western Compass to use the building for meals following the CDC guidelines and when the Covid risk level in Polk county is at medium risk or less.

·      There has been a request to allow a knitting group to use the basement on Wednesday.

MSC to allow Knitting Group to gather in our building in the basement and have reevaluation when the Fellowship room is available.

Staff Parish Relations Team: 

·      The pastor compensation package for Rev. Steve Mitchell was voted on and passed during the All Church Meeting / Charge Conference prior to this Board meeting.

·      Reviewed the proposed Memorandem of Understanding describing Rev. Steve Mitchell’s responsibilities as pastor of Christ’s Church effective 2/1/2022 until July 1, 2022.

·      Steve will work to coordinate with others to have Sunday worship covered on the Sundays he has off.  

·      There was some discussion about using those Sundays to revive the 5th Sunday concept.

·      Discussion of time of worship.  Steve will also be serving as Pastor at Falls City twice a month and he doesn’t think he will be able to consistently get to Christ’s Church before 11:30.

Consensus is to keep Worship starting at 11:00 and work with Steve how to make that work with others helping to get the worship started.  He will also be encourged to design worship with his vision.   This can be evaluated once it is seen how this process works.

·      Discussion about covering Jan. 30th Worship.  Sue will lead a hymn sing portion and Linda S. will create a way to lead a discussion  with the topic:  What makes faith meaningful.

·      This coming Sunday will be David’s last Sunday and the beginning of his retirement.  Linda S. and Beverly Davis are working with Linda G-C in designing a celebration of David’s life as a pastor.  This will be included just before the benediction.

Program Team:  Education Team:  Worship Team:    Peace, Justice & Mission Team:

·      $800 of Waremart food cards were distributed to the local Christmas Box Basket project

·      CC is scheduled to provide dinner for Family Promise 1/30th 

Sherry will go to a Coordinator meeting with Family Promise 1/20/22 and follow up from there.  Steve agreed to take the meal to Salem on 1/30/22.

·      Sharing about meeting with Family Promise  (tabled until next meeting)

·      Reviewed the document for updating the church directory and gave some suggestions.   These coments were sent to the church office.

Old Business: 

·      Discussion regarding the plan for “Combining the CE, Worship & PJM teams to the Program Team.”   Linda G-C shared some ideas about how the Program team might function and how to expand the Board members which will give more input for Board decisions.

·      Part of this plan includes people interested in supporting the goals of the CE offerings, worship themes and outreach activities meet quarterly to plan and designate work groups to carry out the activities.

·      The plan suggests the Board will consist of:  Pastor, Stewardship/Finance Chair, SPRC chair, Presbytery Commissioner, UM Lay Leader, 3 Program Committee persons and 2 members at large.  The Clerk and Treasurer are voting members only is they fill one of the previous listed roles.  (documents in church file)

MSC to accept the plan as presented as a trial giving 3 Board seats to those representing the goals of the Program groups and 2 additional members at large.




This is a summary of the Church Board Minutes from 12.7.21 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.



            Sacrament of Lord's Supper                         Dec. 5th  / 21 in attendance

            Extended Service of Communion               0

            Membership:   Georgia Wildfang died 11/23/21 at Capitol Manor West Salem


·      Phone call regarding The Grove Church now utilizing a store front in Independence.  I was asked if it is OK to give my contacts information to them because they are seeking a different space.


Financial Report:  written reports / including Treasurer’s Report

·      General Fund Balance:  $ 32,382

·      Income to Date:   $ 74,716   (100%)                  Expenses to Date: $ 72,219   (100%)

·      Some comments raised about the various reports given:  the new version seems easier to read in many ways, which works best for an audit,  maybe the more extensive reports need to be less often than monthly.

·      Question raised by Treasurer that Christ’s Church is getting refunded from Western Compass the gross salary amount but not the other salary expenses which amount to about $196 / month.

·      Tradition has been that Christ’s Church has covered this salary expenses as a donation to WC

MSC to continue to cover the salary expenses (such as social security, workmans comp) and revisit next year.


Pastors Report:   no report but introduced Rodger Clauson, Presbytery Counsel on Ministry.

Rodger explained that the Presbtery is asking him to organize a zoom meeting for Christ’s Church members in January.  This is considered a Pastoral communication.  He will be coordinating a date with Church members and someone from the Presbytery.

Team Reports:

Stewardship Team: 

·      Steve presented to bill from Home Comfort with a total of $15,148.00 to replace the two furnaces in the basement.

·      There are still expected income amounts coming that should help cover the cost with the amount in the Major Building fund so nothing will be taken out of Investment accounts.

MSC to pay in full Home Comfort for $15,148.00.

·      There seems to be some mold growth in the basement so the heat will be left on until that is gone.   Otherwise the thermostats will be set at 60 degrees and they will automatically return to that temperature every evening.

Staff Parish Relations Team: 

·      Newly hired Administrative Assistant Debbi Henderson  -- started 12/1/21:  hours / week = 15.  She is in the office M – F from 9 – 12.  Pay per hour = ???

Worship Team:   

·      There will be a Christmas Eve service coordinated with Pastor and Worship Team.

By consensus it was agreed to have an ad put in the paper and local distribution for this service.

·      Eight poinsettas have been ordered and paid for to add to the sanctuary setting.

·      Bells will play 12/19

Peace, Justice & Mission Team:

MSC  to use $800 for Winco gift food cards from the Food Basket designated fund to support the Monmouth Independence Community Christmas Food Boxes. 


New Business:

MSC to confirm a request from Western Compass Board to have Christ’s Church transfer $20,000 from the Edward Jones account to the general account of Western Compass.  

·      Consider a request for WC to have host meals for the students at Christ’s Church this winter and spring.  

·      Follow up from motions from Special Charge Conference 11/28/21 regarding the relationship with the UM denomination and Boy Scouts of American restructuring.

MSC The Christ’s Church Methodist and Presbyterian United notes NO on the BSA Plan of Reorganization because the plan as proposed does not have a release for charter organizations.  If prior to the hearing to approve the plan, charter organizations, including United Methodist charter organizations, receive appropriate release from BSA abuse claims relating to scouting activities, the Christ’s Church Methodist & Presbyterian United reserves the right to change its vote and authorize lawyers representing United Methodists in the BSA bankruptcy to vote in favor of the plan.

·      The 3 cameras in the building that monitor the 2 main doors and the sump pump in the basement only cover 12 secs at a time and then have a 5 minutes cool down time.  This subscription would have unlimited event time and no cool down period.  The cost would be $9.00 per month.

MSC to approve subscribing to Wyze Cam Plus for the three monitoring cameras coverage in the building.




This is a summary of the Special Charge Conference Minutes from 11.28.21 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.

Special Charge Conference / All Church Meeting Minutes

November 28th at 2 pm via zoom


Persons Present from Christ’s Church:  Pastor David Prichard, Denvy Saxowsky, Gail Saxowsky, Linda Grund-Clampit, Janna Moser, Steve Moser, Sherry Pittam, Linda Scheirman, Liane Moser, Walter Moser, Kristie Moser, Sandy Moser, Joyce Moser


Meeting moderated by Pastor Wendy Woodworth.

Meeting started with a centering prayer by Pastor Wendy Woodworth
This Special Charge Conference was held for those churches of the Cascadia District that have chartered a Scout troop and who have already had their annual Charge Conference to formally make a motion as to how their church leadership will proceed.

Churches who participated in this Charge Conference included:  Woodburn UMC, Hillsboro UMC, Bend UMC, Marquam UM, Canby UMC and Christ’s Church, Monmouth.


The following motion passed unanimously with those present from Christ’s Church.

Whereas, Christ’s Church is currently and forerunner congregations have been a chartering organization for Boy Scouts of America local troops; and,

Whereas, Christ’s Church is a union congregation of the United Methodist and Presbyterian Church USA denominations and a member of both the UM Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference and the Presbytery of the Cascades; and,

Whereas, The United Methodist Church has been in negotiations with BSA regarding the bankruptcy plan and the Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of the Cascades advises that Christ’s Church take seriously the recommendations that come from The United Methodist Church as these recommendations are based upon ongoing conversations with the Boy Scouts which gives the United Methodists insight into the best ways for congregations to protect themselves; 

Therefore,  we the church family of Christ’s Church Methodist & Presbyterian United give authority to the Board of Christ’s Church to review the recommendation of United Methodist lawyers in conjunction with annual conference leadership and the Council of Bishops as to whether or not to approve the BSA plan of reorganization, and to vote on the plan on behalf of the church.  We further authorize and empower Steve Moser, Chair of the Stewardship Ministry Team that includes the responsibilities of the Trustees, to execute the plan ballot document.


Next steps:

++  Webinar Tuesday, 11/30/21 starting at 6 PM.  The link will be sent out later.  The focus of this will include instructions about how to fill out the ballot as well as feedback from the legal group options relating to the restricting plan with the Boy Scouts and the United Methodist Denomination.

++ Individual churches will make their choices.  Christ’s Church Board will need to meet to determine the action to take before 12/12/21


++ Report of the ballot giving the choice of Christ’s Church needs to be completed to the Boy Scouts prior to 12/14/21


Meeting adjourned with prayer for those who have been hurt, for establishing accountability for our churches and by offering a safe environment for the children and those who are vulnerable




This is a summary of the Church Board Minutes from 11.16.21 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.


Concern expressed that the zoom portion of the last Board meeting didn’t function well and wasn’t offered for this meeting.  Request to have that evaluated and return to having zoom available for those who need to use that means of attending the meetings.




            Sacrament of Lord's Supper             Nov. 14th  /  22 in attendance (17 in sanctuary, 5 on zoom)

            Extended Service of Communion               0

            Membership:  NA


·      Received approval of our Board Minutes from Presbytery with exception of a financial audit.

·      Letter from Columbia Bank about change of Umqua buying the Columbia Bank.   They expect no changes needed during this transition time.


Financial Report: 

·      As Linda Grund-Clampit established herself as the current treasurer and signing up with the Presbyterian Pension status for Pastor Dave, she discovered their has been an underpayment of his pension plan.    There needs to be more discovery about this but there will be a bill coming to cover the 2020 underpayment.  More about this later.

·      This report does not include the Western Compass salary reimbursement.

·      Income to Date:  $73,327   (98 %)     Expenses to Date:  $95,838  (90 %)

General fund Balance:  $38,577

·      Double day Tuesday will be Nov. 30th  -  Linda G-C will pay the Denominational Mission Support Funds for our two Mission projects.

·      Check signers:  MSC to add Linda Scheirman as an additional signer.

Report approved by concensus.


UM Methodist Lay Leader: 

·      Two current highlights:  The United Methodist denomination invites all churches to consider this Advent season as the “Season of Gratitude” - watch the video on the conference website

·      A message from Bishop Elaine JW Stanovsky, staff from UNICEF and members of the "Love Beyond Borders: The Interfaith Campaign to End the Pandemic" team offer resources for each church to help support this effort.

Presbytery Elder Commissioner:  

·      Beveraly Davis and Gail Saxowsky attended the zoom Presbytery meeting this past weekend.  There will be more information coming out.

·      There are many churches in our Presbytery in the same process as Christ’s Church, looking at how to move forward as a congregation.

Pastors Report:  

·      Pastor Dave has had a conversation with Clark Sclera, from Presbytery of the Cascades, who supports the potential of possibilities for Christ’s Church combining efforts in the union of United Methodist and Presbyterian resources.


Team Reports:

Stewardship Team: 

MSC to approve the draft stewardship letter. 

            Pastor Dave will sign it and as many Board members who can sign by Sunday 11/21/21

·      Steve Moser announced that Tuesday 11/23 will be install day for the basement furnaces.

·      Three solar powered flood lights have been donated and installed on the outside of the building to add to the lighting and will be on from 5 pm – 12 pm for now. 

·      All outside light bulbs have been changed to LED style.

Staff Parish Relations Team: 

·      Since our last Board meeting James Mascov has resigned from the Office Administration position because of another job offer closer to his professional background.

·      Sherry Pittam has volunteered for the interim to have consistent office hours as posted.

·      Parsonage review will be occuring in Dec.   Jim Beaird-Leeper has offered to assist Steve M. in completing this report.

Worship Team:   

·      Nov. 21st Sunday will have Linda Grund-Clampit filling the pulpit and the handbells playing.   This is Pastor Dave’s Sunday off.

·      There has been an offer to send out a daily Advent devotion similar to past years.

·      By concensus the Board agreed to purchase the multi-generational Advent packet and to be delivered to Church families.

·      The Scout program will provide a tree for the sanctuary.

Peace, Justice & Mission Team:  

·      An evening meal will be provided for Family Promise on 11/21

·      No connections have been made about supporting food boxes for Christmas – unclear what that program is going to look like this year.

Old Business: 

·      Discussion occurred about filling out expectations from the motion at Charge Conference / Annual Meeting to temporarily combine the three program ministry groups and also add two more people from those groups to the Board.

·      It has been suggessted for these teams to help develop a calendar of their spiritual nurturing events for a given year.

·      This topic will be added to the December Board meeting

New Business:

·      A Special Charge Conference is being called by the United Methodist Conference on zoom Nov. 28th at 2 pm.  This is addressing the United Methodist response to the aftermath of the bankrupsy of Scouting of America.   The main focus of this process is to protect churches as much as possible from liability in the future regarding the scouting program.

**Important dates: 

This next week a letter will be sent out explaining this to our Church family

soon after 11/23 there will be webinar from the conference with results

from the legal counsel

11/28 at 2 PM – via Zoom the Special Charge Conference

12/14/21  -  the deadline for local churches to get reponses back to conference

·      A request from the church office is that all “original” documents are left in the church office.  People can make copies if items are needed for reference in other places.




This is a summary of the Church Board Minutes from 10.12.21 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.




            Sacrament of Lord's Supper             October 3,2021  / attendence 16

            Extended Service of Communion               0

            Membership:  Nancy Denton (friend) died Sept. 5, 2021 at home in Monmouth. 

                        Member #385 Vern Heibert died Sept. 30, 2021 at Capitol Manor, West Salem

            Correspondence:   letter from UM regarding Scouts bankruptcy and restructuring --  main concept is to continue with current relationship with the Church and Scout group until later

            Clarity for Safe Sanctuary Review:  coordinator for our church will be SPRC Chair Linda Grund-Clampit


Financial Report:   see written reports in church file or as handed out  --  these will be added to the Charge Conference / Annual All Church Meeting packet.

MSC to approve the nomination of Linda Grund-Clampit as the Church Treasurer starting now.

·      Linda will be working with the deisgnated funds and get them distributed before year end.

·      General Fund Balance:  $40,150

       Income to Date:  $98,389  (132%)              Expenses to Date:  $86394  (81%)

Report approved by concensus.

Team Reports:

Stewardship Team: 

·      Steve Moser will get the Annual Trustee Report w/ insurance policy info to the church office later this week for the Charge Conference / Annual Church meeting packet.

MSC to approve paying the parsonage taxes due Nov. 15.

Staff Parish Relations Team: 

·      Reported that James Masnov has been hired as Administrative Assistant with posted office hours for 15 hours per week and is being paid $15 per hour.

New Business:

·      Action brought forward by Sue Badgett to have the nominating committee adjust their report to the congregational Meeting (Oct. 17th) to combine the three (3) Ministry Teams currently known as the Christian Education, Worship and Peace, Justice & Mission to be changed to the Program Ministry Team and have 5 persons on the Board to represent their functions and roles.  This would be on a temporary basis without adjusting the Christ’s Church Plan of Union at this time.

Approved by consensus.


Update / Review of materials for Charge Conference / Annual Congregational Meeting

        Review materials to be copied for the meeting packet.

o   Agenda for meeting  -  will put packets together in that order

o   Make 30 copies of the meeting packet  -  will be done on Friday, Oct. 15th

o   Reviewed the meaning of the yes and no votes  -  Linda will explain this at the meeting and the page of the mailing that was sent out will also be in the packet

o   There was discussion about Board members making phone calls to people encouraging them to be present in the building on Sunday for the meeting

o   People have been encouraged to call top the church office if they want someone to talk to them about the options.

o   Ballots will be distributed at the time of voting / Gail Saxowsky, Clerk and Sue Badgett will do the counting.

o   Gail S will work with James in the office to put the packets together  --  any reports need to be in the church office or emailed to Gail by Friday 8 am.


Dates to remember:

·      Oct. 17, 2021  Worship and Congregational meeting to follow

·      Next Presbytery meeting – Nov. 12 / 13th via zoom

·      Next Board meeting  -  Nov. 16, 2021




This is a summary of the Church Board Minutes from 9.21.21 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.




            Sacrament of Lord's Supper                         Date:   9/5/2021 :  18  attendance

            Gail will be completing the Presbyterian Session (Board) Minutes Review Report

   Via zoom by October 18th.           

Financial Report:   see written reports

·      The Major Building Repair fund has a total of $12,271.70 the majority of which is for replacing furnaces downstairs.  This includes the $8000 from the Presbytery Barnabus grant.

·      Sherry will send out giving reports soon.

·      Balance in General Fund:  $39,124       

Expenses to Date:  $82,032  (77%)      Income to Date:  $62,873  (84.3% )

UM Methodist Lay Leader:  No report today

Presbytery Elder Commissioner:   Presbytery meeting coming up by Zoom, miss meeting by person but it does allow anyone to particpate.  Dates, times and link for the next meeting will be coming from Beverly soon.

Pastor Report:  Pass so that we can get on with business

Reports from UM, Presbytery, and members re possibilties for future

·      Wendy Woodworth, UM, Cascadia District Superintendent (WJW)

o   Leroy Barber and WJW were here in Polk County 9/13 – looking at possibilities and  capacity; looked at Indy, Mon, Falls City, Dallas – looking at UM sites

§  Saw investment in infrastructure in community (Mon/Indep)

§  Talked about campus ministry

§  Dallas is county seat

§  15-20 minutes travel time between the three sites

§  Dallas UMC going through clergy transition – have interim now, new appt July 1

·      New housing

·      Near aquatic center

·      Life in downtown

·      Leroy looking for where the life of the community is and where church presence could/shoud be

o   How many clergy to serve the whole area?:  2 full-time equivalents (could be different configurations)  Could create a team with one full-time person with whole area oversight, one clergy with pastoral care responsibiltiy, one person with gifts for building community relationships and partnerships (new start, entrepenurial) – there are a lot of pieces/variables:

·      3 congregations to buy in and be interested

·      Dallas as anchor?

·      What does it mean to keep a presence in FC, and Mon/Indy?

·      Leaders in congregation need to commit and support this type of ministry

·      Would the right team of clergy be available?  (how likely is the dream team available? – what is the clergy pool going to look like?)

§  WJW looking for geographic areas that make sense to cooperate in ministry.  This Polk County triangle makes sense. 

§  But if Dallas not willing – Mon/Indy could cooperate with Salem churches, possibly

§  Has to be more than having Campus Ministry meet downstairs . . .

§  Do we need every church building?  Could  we let go of the building and keep the parsonage and remain a faith community here, but having a connection with other congregations as well?

§  Leroy has a person who specializes in rural ministry who could be a consultant . . . but again this would take some energy from the lay leadership  [they are in Texas]

§  Do we have the energy for some of this follow-up

§  Questions/Comments – Steve Moser - how does our Presbyterian connection help our options? 

·      The Mon/Indy community is one community

·      The identity of this church is considered as main line, with progressive flavor of Christianity. 


·       Lorne Bostwick, chair of Presbytery of the Cascades Committee on Ministry,

o   “We don’t know of anybody right now” who fits the bill to do redevelopment ministry

o   Likes what WJW said about partnership – need to have a deeper conversation about what do those partnerships look like.

o   Do we need to stay UM/Presby or some other possibilities – e.g. just UM or just Presby – if solely UM-related would the individual Presbyterians join that?  Beverly Davis: tags are less important.  Lorne says this is an important discernment – could CC join a fully UM collaboration? 

o   He sees strength in the UM church which does not see in PCUSA.  Option – Dallas Pres and CC merge as a Presby church?  If current churches closed – could there be a Presbyterian project (assisted living, senior living as a project with a faith community centered around this.) All theory at this point. 

o   First Pres – share – skill set of congregational care? 

·      Reports from Board Members exploring interest by community partners:

o   Linda G-C and Sherry Pittam reported on conversation with Western Compass – want to continue conversation – vision of community support center

o   Beverly Davis re City of Monmouth  - building a new city hall – need a temporary place to be. Possibly rent situation to provide time to us.  But they are committed to go to other office buildings – we don’t have the desired infrastructure.  Court/City Council meetings?  They aren’t too interested now, but Bev told them that if what you have planned doesn’t work out, come talk to us.

o   Sherry Pittam reported on Family Promise –  we have a relationship of several years duration; at the beg of 2021 FP board set a goal to move more into Polk County (beyond West Salem).  They are excited about possibilities. 

o   Linda GC shared Gail Saxowsky’s report on Food Bank  - are interested in keeping the conversation going.

o   Question raised about reaching out to some of the small congregations in the area, how could we work together?  Do we have someone to pursue this?

o   Lorne Bostwick – true partnership – what do both parties have to offer? be sure that the community group doesn’t get all the benefits without the relationship also benefiting the congregation. Wendy Woodworth – continue to think about what does it mean for us to continue to be a viable congregation.

o   Question for the congregation:  do we have the interest, energy, to invest in new relationships?

Shared thank you to the guests.


Team Reports:

Stewardship Team:  

·      Update on basement furnaces:  ready by end of October – install in November

·      Monmouth Garden Club Christmas wreath construction week after Thanksgiving– met with Ruth Firestone.  Would like to use the church the  Sunday afternoon after Tgiving  to prep for work M, T, W and then have sale.  Would make a donation.  (and 2-3 wreaths) 

Approved by consensus

·      Cub Scouts – Webelos  Th eves for next month or so – because can’t meet at elementary school (weekly meeting) Adult leadership – meeting in Sanctuary –

Approved by consensus

·      Monmouth Social Hour Club – Oct 6 Weds.  – they will make a donation for use.

Approved by consensus

·      Air conditioning units – parts no longer available.  Home Comfort consulted and their suggestion would be on the ground units and to expect a large cost.  Put on hold for now,

·      M/I Lions has met in the basement of the Elks Lodge in Indy and is in transition now.  They need a meeting place at Noon on Mondays x 1 per month and once a month in the evening – no cooking right now.  Will make a donation . . .

Approved by consensus

·      Linda G-C suggested to have building use agreements for these new building users. 

·      Letter from UM Bishop about not renewing BSA charter.  Discussion.  We can cancel with a month’s notice.  We have Presbyterian Insurance.  Presbytery is not worried about this. 

MSC to re-charter, discussion, C (2 no votes)


Staff Parish Relations Team:   see written report

·      Presbytery-recommended Harassment Policy 

MSC to approve the Harassment Policy as presented and be added to Christ’s Church policies.


Worship Team:    see written report

·      Continue hybrid worship services with about 15 – 20 persons attending either in person or via zoom

Peace, Justice & Mission Team:   see written report –

·      Dave got a phone call from the school district, were so thrilled with the donations.  They will write a letter to the church.

·      PJM will be shopping for a variety of clothes for Central School District  - this was their request because they have enough school supplies for this fall from pandemic monies.

New Business:

·      Reports to be considered for Congregational Meeting 10/17/21

o   Nominating Committee Report

o   Safe Sanctuary Review

o   Membership report  - consensus about mentioning deaths of last year at congregational meeting. 

o   Compensation draft  

Approved by consensus

·      The Annual Charge Conference / Annual Meeting will be announced during worship services and Linda GC will work on language for other publicity.

·      What options are going to be presented to the congregation in moving forward?

o   The meeting should be presented in a positive light; Celebrating the days ahead – don’t call it the funeral of Christ’s Church . . . focus on positive possibilities.

o   One Board member plans to move to dissolve the church.  We have to have two votes a year apart.  Allow a year to see what happens.   May encourage others to say “Whoa!  I need to do something here to save this!”

o   Questions developed from our conversation this evening:

§  Are you willing to help?

§  Are you willing to give?

§  Do we have the energy to give to new relationships and new structures?

§  Would we be comfortable transitioning to a soley United Methodist or solely Presbyterian relatinoship?

§   Linda GC will work on word smithing the publicity and send to Board before sending.

o   Have a paper ballot. 

·      Dave wants to have some recognition of deaths this past year – end of October?  We hope we can do it – asks Worship to consider. 

·      Sherry – suggests we hire AA for more than 15 hours per week. 

Meeting adjourned with prayer.

Important Dates:  

WOU student welcome picnic – Oct. 3, 2021

Next Board Meeting October 12, 2021




This is a summary of the Church Board Minutes from 8.17.21 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.




            Sacrament of Lord's Supper Date: 8/1/2021: 16 attendance in sanctuary & zoom Financial Report:   written reports distributed

            General Fund Balance:  $39,623

            Income to Date:  $85,499  (115%)       Expenses to Date:  $74,397 (70%)

      It was noted that several checks have come in to help cover the cost of the furnaces repairs downstairs.  And this accounts for the increased income.

      Discussion about Preschool contract, summer payments and fall restart.

UM Methodist Lay Leader: 

Fall meetings will be online

Presbytery Elder Commissioner:  no report

Pastor Report:

Confirmed he would be gone for Sunday, Sept. 5th

Dave and wife, Carol will be looking for houseing in Portland area this week.


Team Reports:

Stewardship Team:  

·      It will be 4 – 6 weeks before the downstairs furnaces will be functional.

·      The upstairs air conditioning apparatus has been evaluated and although there are some repairs that would probably do a temporary fix it is advised that due to the age of the equipment (30 + years old) it really needs to be replaced.

It was agreed to not replace the AC for now and instead look into alternatives.

Staff Parish Relations Team:  written report distributed

·      Reported they have received confirmation from the State BOLI that the case from 2020 is resolved and has been closed.  This gives the SPRC the allowance to start looking for an office person to provide consistent open hours for the office and support to leadership.

Worship Team:  written report distributed

·      They have coverage for Sept 5th Sunday worship – Steve Mitchell

Peace, Justice & Mission Team:  written report distributed

·      All Board members agreed to support Western Compass with a welcome picnic Sept. 26th.  Denvy will take this information to Western Compass meeting this week.  (after meeting – WC requested picnic to be Oct. 3rd )

·      All Board enthusiastically agreed to support an ice cream social under the trees Sept. 12th from 4 – 6 PM for church family.


·      Discussed selecting Option 2 of the “Stepping Forward in Love and Trust”

Denvy Saxowsky & Linda Grund-Clampit shared their written documents and Linda G-C shared a overview of Option 2 as a way to have flexibility within the individual churches and still stay up to date with the State and CDC guidelines.

MSC to have the Worship Team review the level of risk as defined by the State and CDC for the current week to determine what safety precautions will be observed each week.

MSC to utilize the document as presented for Option 2 and have Linda G-C  finalize langauge in the current Christ’s Church safety plan and submit to the United Methodist District office.


·      Discussed looking at the future  -  Linda Grund-Clampit lead this conversation.

§  Divison of responsibility: Board makes decisions for overall direction for future options

§  SPRC -  will then work with the denominations regarding leadership

§  Partnering options:

o   City of Monmouth – there might be some options with them  -  Dwight Tripplett and/or Beverly Davis will follow up

o   Western Compass - Linda Grund-Clampit & Sherry Pittam will join zoom meeting to gather information from them about options

o   Ella Curran Food Bank - Gail Saxowsky will talk with them

o   Family Promise - Sherry Pittam will talk with them

MSC to have Annual Meeting / Congregational Charge Conference Oct. 17th

MSC to request Pastor Dave to initiate the Nominating Committee process and to delegate responsibility for chairperson role and report at next Board meeting.

New Business:

·      Linda Grund-Clampit offered to be the temporary Clerk for next Board meeting

Important Dates:  

September 12 - 4-6 pm Ice Cream Social

Next Board Meeting - September 21, 2021

October 3rd - WOU student welcome picnic

October 17th - Annual Congregational Meeting / Charge Conference



This is a summary of the Church Board Minutes from 7.20.21 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.




                  Sacrament of Lord's Supper                                     Date:   7/11/2021 :  19  attendance:  (3 by Zoom)

                  Extended Service of Communion                          

Correspondence:  Presbytery seeking nominations for commissioners to General Assembly; information about templates for Lease agreements and new emplotment laws  in Oregon


Financial Report:  written reports distributed

            General Fund Balance: $38,377

            Income to Date:  $ 75,365                             Expenses to Date:  $ 66,235

MSC to fully pay due per capita and apportiments to respective denominations.


UM Methodist Lay Leader:   Linda S attend via Zoom the retirement of Bishop Hiroshia; current Bishop will not retire this year

Presbytery Elder Commissioner:   no report

Moderator Report:   1) presented the two options for “Stepping Forward in Love and Trust” regarding Covid-19

            MSC to accept Option 2 (more localized and individually designed limitations) and spend time to outline specifics for our congregation; Board members will gather information and share via email; August 5th at 7PM set for wordsmithing the document

2) survey summary:  40 letters were sent out, about 14 sureveys were returned; the survey purpose is to engage in conversation about opportunities for the church; the Board discussed options to involve more congregants

3) Sunday afternoon July 18th workshop was discussed; effort was appreciated and Denvy will draft a matrix of options

4) reports on the above may be ready for a congregational meeting in September


Team Reports:

Stewardship Team:  

Continuing to work with Home Comfort for furnace repairs; a letter offering opportunities to donate to support repairs will be sent to congregants; questioning Covid-19 guidelings for Scourts and Preschool for fall

Staff Parish Relations Team:   written report

MSC to approve request to arrange for bookkeeper for 2-3 hours/week at $20/hour

Education Team:  no written report

Worship Team:    coverage for July were Worship in the Park, Steve Mitchell, Linda Grund-Clampit and David Morelli; Pastor Dave will be back in August; efforts contue to make worship in-person in-building as well as Zoom

Peace, Justice & Mission Team:   thanks to Bob Main and Sue Badgett and other volunteer ice cream booth raised about $600; team provided meal for Family Promise on July 18


New Business:

Coverage for church office while Sherry is gone (7/22-8/3) was discussed

Linda G-C will do payroll, phone messages and bank deposits

Denvy will monitor emails

Linda S will check mail and be present for ADP UPS delivery

CCLI license will be upgraded by Denvy to cover videos

There was discussion about 501-3-c status


Important Dates:  

            August 5th  7-9PM workshop to develop Option 2

            August 10th    with Brian Heron and Wendy Woodworth

            Next Board Meeting August 17th 




This is a summary of the Church Board Minutes from 6.15.21 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.




                  Sacrament of Lord's Supper                                     Date:   6/6/2021 :  ?  attendance: 

                  Extended Service of Communion                          

Membership List:  no new action

Concensus to continue putting Board Minute summaries on the Church Web Page.  People are encouraged to direct people there to be able to keep abreast of the Board workings.


Financial Report:  written reports distributed

            General Fund Balance: $35,838

            Income to Date:  $ 64,192                             Expenses to Date:  $ 58,125

·      The Barnabus Grant funds from the Presbytery ($8000) for furnace repair have been received

UM Methodist Lay Leader:   The United Methodist Annual Conference is currently happening.  If people are interested in listening to some of the sessions, the schedule is linked on the conference web site.

Presbytery Elder Commissioner:   no report

Pastors Report:   no written report

·      Pastor reported his visit to one of the church family


Team Reports:

Stewardship Team:  

·      Downstairs furnace repair:  the $8000 Barnabus grant from the Cascades Presbytery has been deposited.  This leaves approximately $7500 to match for the estimated repairs.

Several potential options were discussed for the remaining cost:  do a congregational ask, move some money from the General Fund, apply to the United Methodist Extension Society for a loan, request a no cost loan from the furnace company and /or use money from the investment accounts.

·      It was encouraged that Stewardship seek support for the furnace repair from the above mentioned options.

MSC to approve the use of funds from the Investment accounts as needed for the furnace repair.


Staff Parish Relations Team:   written report

·      Have met twice since last Board meeting to get a process moving forward in preparation of the change of Pastor.

·      Have developed a potential congregational survey  -  Linda G-C asked if Board members would be willing to respond to phone requests to complete the survey via conversation instead of on paper.  Linda Scheirman and Denvy Saxowsky offered to help her.

MC to encourage SPRC to move forward with the congregational survey as discussed.

Education Team:  no written report

·      Have done a mail out for Father’s Day

Worship Team:    written report

MSP to encourage our church family to support the July 4th worship service in the Monmouth city park being organized by Four Square Church.

·      Communion will be moved to the July 11th worship

·      The Worship team has worship leadership covered for the month of July since Pastor Dave will be on vacation.

·      Discussion occurred about the technology gains and struggles

Peace, Justice & Mission Team:   written report

·      Need volunteers for Ice Cream Booth operations:  making ice cream will be July 1st starting at 1 pm and serving the ice cream, the booth will be open both July 3rd & 4th with 2 ½ hr time blocks available for signing up.  Sue Badgett is keeping the list.

New Business:

·      Organizational Grief workshop:  details for the workshop July 18th  being led by Brian Heron;  Time: 4:30 – 6:30 pm;  Location: probably inside or under the carport;  Inviting the church family for reservations, spaces for 20 persons (Gail will keep the list);  Food – have beverages available

·      Communications:  the position of putting out a mail chimp newsletter is open.  Sherry is willing to put the Church schedule into a mail chimp on a routine basis.  Pastor Dave said he would help Sherry with this.

·      “Operation Love One Another”  --  Linda Grund-Clampit shared her concept of some simple ways that the Board and other church members can be caring for each other.  She is handing out cards and individuals for people to write a short note of appreciation and encouragement to others in our church family.  The Fun Night was developed as another way for people to just get together for fun, not for some of the other heavy discussions.

Important Dates:  

            July 11th  4:30 – 6:30  --   Fun Night

            July 18th   4:30 – 6:30  -  Organizational Grief Workshop

            Next Board Meeting July 20th  -  alternate Moderator Linda Grund-Clampit




This is a summary of the Church Board Minutes from 5.18.21 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.




                  Sacrament of Lord's Supper                                     Date:   5/2/2021 :  attendance:  25

                  Extended Service of Communion                           0

Membership List:  nothing to report


Financial Report:  

·      Presbyterian Communication and Technology Team grant approved for $1000

·      MSC  to pay insurance bill of $2300 for church & manse by 5/28/21

General Fund Balance:  $40,575      

Income to Date:  $46,249  (62%)   Expenses to Date: $43,007 (40.4%)


The main focus of this meeting was discussion with the Board, United Methodist District Superintendent Wendy Woodworth and Presbyter for Vision and Mission Brian Heron. 

People had received background materials that included core values and thoughts from the congregation from several years ago and some current demographic information about our communities. 

Some of the questions brought forward from our last Board meeting included:

·       What are some of the options and and ideas of reimagining what Christ’s Church might look like for the future   --   expecting that this is sustainable.

·       If Christ’s Church as it is is not sustainable, what are possible options and what would the process be to follow considering both denominations.

Key Points from the discussion:

·       Wendy shared information about adaptable leadership and led the group through a centering exercise.  What are people of the church family passionate about??  What energy is available??

·       Discernment – a process necessary to finding a focus and passion

·       What keeps people coming together as Christ’s Church??  What are people passionate about?  How is this demonstrated through our church?  What is there energy for??  What brings Christ’s Church family together??

·       The Presbytery has limited ability to support a congregation through discernment but Brian can offer 3-4 visits with the Board and/or Church family to work through some of the discernment process

·       The concept of stability was brought into the discussion

·       Brian outlined 4 levels of looking forward considering the concept already discussed

1) closure – if the decision is that Christ’s Church is not sustainable:  a 6 + month process 

2) legacy  - a 2 – 6 years process of finding a way forward that helps leave the community with something that was important for the Church family 

3)  Redevelopment:  redefining how to do church, partnering to help maintain sustainability, takes a lot of energy.  Maybe seeing smaller groups with focus of mission.  A congregation that can function on own with very little pastor support.

4)  Revitalization  --  in Brian’s view this may not be an option for Christ’s Church considering the community information that was in front of us

·       Another topic was briefly discussing the process of discernment as written in the Book of Confession  -  section commonly known as Paragrash 213   --  this was handed out to those in attendence

·       It was considered that a possible stumbling block for moving forward maybe what is considered Organizational Grief.  That there have been losses that have been left unresolved and by processing those it might allow people to look more openly to discernment for the future.


Follow Up:

1)     Invite Brian Heron to lead a workshop about organizational grief with an energy analysis during third week of July

2)    Have another major discussion about process and checkin with Wendy, Brian and the Board at the August 24th Board meeting (and possibly other interested Church family).

3)    Paragraph 213 from the United Methodist Book of Confession was handed out and will be emailed out as well to Board members and Ministry Team chairpersons.

4)    Brian Heron will be communicating with Clark Scarlera the Presbytery Advocate for Congregations & Clergy who will communicate with the Commission on Ministry team about our discussions.


Next Board meeting – June 15th  




This is a summary of the Church Board Minutes from 4.20.21 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.




                  Sacrament of Lord's Supper                                     Date:   4/4/2021 :  attendance:  21

                  Extended Service of Communion                           50+

Membership List: 4/4/21 Ned Kenney became member by Confession of Faith

                  Death of Steven Reed 3/29/21 -  a memorial service will be May 8, 2021 at 3 pm in the

Monmouth City Park

Death of Bill Ousterhout 2/10/21 at Capitol Manor, West Salem

Safe Sanctuary Annual document – for signature and approval for submitting.

Motions confirmed that had been sent via email to Board members:

1)     MSC to approve Stewardship Ministry Team to seek funding through the denominations for repair of the downstairs furnace.

2)    MSC to approve sending in the 2.1 Transition document to the United Methodist DS Wendy Woodworth requesting to move forward to a Hybrid worship level.


Financial Report:   handed out

            General Fund Balance:  $36,886

            Income to date:  $36,190  (48.5%)    Expenses to date:  $39,126  (36.7%)

UM Methodist Lay Leader: 

·      The United Methodist Bishop is busy making appointments

·      The Annual Conference is scheduled to start June 20, 2021.

Presbytery Elder Commissioner:  

·      Presbyery Meeting on Zoom June 11 & 12.

Pastors Report:  

·      Had a nice visit with one of our homebound church family this past week.


Team Reports:


Special Topic Discussion:  There was more discussion about the topics brought up through the communications workshop and the pre-Board gathering about what is missing from our current churxh life and what is needed but few specific items to work on going forward. 

One topic more thoroughly discussed was the process of getting started with having people in the church for worship as well as continuing zoom worship. 


Staff Parish Relations Team:   handed out

·      Pastor Dave has submitted to the UM district Superintendent the proposal for the 2.1 plan for building use.

Worship Team:     handed out

MSC to approve up to $3000 to cover expenses for the proposed upgrades of equipment to support hybred worship.   This includes permission to apply to the Communication &  Technology Team grant, a committee of the Cascades Presbytery.

Peace, Justice & Mission Team:   handed out

·      The $7500 has been delivered to the Santiam Canyon School District for their Wildfire Needy Kids fund.

·      The plans are starting for an ice cream booth in the park for 4th of July weekend.


New Business:

·      The Board meeting in May will focus on a discussion with denominational connections of United Methodist District Superintendent Wendy Woodworth and the Presbyter for Vision and Mission, Brian Heron.

This will be in person and via Zoom for those unable to attend in person.

·      Discussion will focus on:

1)  What are some of the options and ideas of reimagining what Christ’s Church might look like for the future   --   expecting that this is sustainable.

2)   If Christ’s Church as it is is not sustainable, what are possible options and what would the process be to follow considering both denominations.


Next Board meeting is May 18, 2021




This is a summary of the Church Board Minutes from 3.16.21 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.


Group discussion: questions had been sent to Board members and through email to the church family.  The expectation was to start some dialogue and feedback from the church family about what is needed as the Pastor. Board and Ministry Teams look at reimagining church in the coming months.

1.  What do you see missing in our Church life now?   What is needed?
2.  What can we imagine moving forward looks like for the immediate future??  for the next years?
3.  What do individuals (what do you ) need as a faith community and how can this church family meet those needs?


A summary of topics brought up to the above questions:

·       Coming back to in house worship will be a slow process but there is possibility to get started.

·       People expressed the desire to gather in person as possible (whether in worship or in small groups on or off campus), but to at least have more communication and sharing

-- The call lists are being revised but maybe having a topic or some type of guidance when

contacting each other would be helpful and more meaningful

-- developing a list of skills we could offer each other or others in community to reach out (driving, computer, make appointments, shopping . . .)   this was mentioned in particular to vaccine but could be expanded.

·       People need times of sharing and being listened to

·       Everyone wants to find a way to connect with those who aren’t on the Zoom calls (those who didn’t know were informed of the efforts already being made).  

·       Being “in church” is not only worship but being church is about caring for family

·       Clarification about communication:  that the newsletter is now being sent out in the mail to those without email / zoom  // what else could be done to those not attending zoom worship ??

·       Concern expressed about worship service not being inspiring / doesn’t seem to have a flow  -  to tell a story   -  needs more emotional /spiritual nurture which is uplifting and “Biblically challenging”

·       It was suggested that much of the discussion is about “nurturing”  -  as in relationships, spiritual growth

·       In terms of study, there was acknowledgment that we have peer led groups, but some would like opportunities to be led by a scholar.  A desire for a balance of fellowship, worship, and study.  

·       There was a desire expressed for more “leadership” from the pastor.






                  Sacrament of Lord's Supper                                     Date:   3/7/2021 :  attendance:  16

                  Extended Service of Communion                           0

Membership Actions

·       MSC to have the following actions completed to adjust the membership roll.

o   to have membership letters sent to the following:  Kevin Elmore, Jane Kundel, Erindale McGee, Jessie Whitehead

o   Pastor will make contact with Ray Adams, Vern Hiebert, and Rebecca Chiles & Beth Scroggins and

o   John (Waylon) Rock will be put on First Reading list at Charge Conference fall 2021.

Feedback regarding doing a summary of the Board Meeting Minutes was positive – keep doing it.

There was also clarification that Ned Kinney was accepted by the Board for membership July 2018 and the next action would be for Pastor Dave to work with Ned to have a confirmation of Faith membership ceremony as part of Worship.

Financial Report:  copies of 2021 Budget & Ledger to Budget (1.1.21 – 3.15.21) were sent out

·      Income to date for 2021:  $20,034 (26.8%)   Expenses to date: $25,122  (23.6%)

UM Methodist Lay Leader: 

·      Nothing at this time

Presbytery Elder Commissioner:  

·      Bev shared some highlights from the Presbytery meeting

Pastors Report:  

·      Dave reported on some visits to members of the church family and a potential of revitallizing the Stephen Ministry Team

·      He will be going to Portland Saturday to conduct a memorial service for a God daughter who passed away recently.


Team Reports:

Steering Task Force Report: 

·      Linda reviewed the past meeting with the Steering Task Force and DS Wendy.

·      DS Wendy is willing to meet with the Board if invited to discuss options for Christ’s Church especially since facing the budget for 2021 with increased expenses and decreased income.   She would hope to include someone from Presbytery as well.

Stewardship Team:  

·      The Team is taking on the responsibility of  Treasurer because that position remains open.  They have given Sherry Pittam, as acting financial secretary, authority to write checks up to $500 for items within the budget, realizing that would also include pastor’s salary and benefits that are over that amount.

·      They have developed a list of improvements that need to at the parsonage and in the church.   This includes the need for a new furnace for the basement with a bid estimate of $15,000.


Staff Parish Relations Committee:   see written report & half-time Pastor Job Description

MSC to allow the SPRC to explore hiring a part-time employee through a temp service such as Kelly Services or Manpower (or an actual bookkeeping service) to handle the expenditure part of our bookkeeping 

·      Several questions were raised regarding this motion about the cost and possible disruption with too many people doing pieces of the finances

MSC to accept SPRC’s recommendation that Dave be given the week following Easter off as paid holiday time for rest and renewal.

MSC to approve the updated pastor job description

·      SPRC will be meeting monthly with Pastor Dave and be checking in with him about how he is utilizing his hours to meet these expectations.

Education Team: 

·      This team has some surprises coming up!

Worship Team:    see written report

·      The worship service will be  a celebration of women March 21st.

·      There haven’t been any specific plans for Palm Sunday or Easter week.

Peace, Justice & Mission Team:   see written report

·      The team is involved with conversation with the superintendent of the Santiam Canyon School district and plan to send moneys to help support their fund for individual student needs.

·      The decision was made to go ahead with the Ice Cream Booth in the park for July 3 & 4th.

Old Business:  none

New Business:

·      Linda raised the question about having DS Wendy and a Presbtery person come to a Board meeting.   By consensus, it was decided to see if May or June would work better for the denomination people with more emphasis for June.


The meeting was closed with prayer.

Important Dates:   3/21 Celebrate Women’s Sunday   3/28 Palm Sunday  4/4 Easter

            Next Board Meeting April 20, 2021


Submitted by


Gail Saxowsky, Clerk




This is a summary of the Church Board Minutes from 2.16.21 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.


Summary of actions coming from the Communications Workshop prior to Board meeting.

·       Concern raised about staying connected to those of church family not connected with email / zoom and various digital technologies.

o   Diane McBurnett will mail some of the communications , especially the mid week newsletter, to a list Denvy has produced that fit this category.

o   Will reactivate the calling lists that Diane and Sherry started last spring

o   Encourage 1:1 connections

·       Reinstitute Announcement time between coffee time & start of worship–zoom Sunday am

o   People can send their announcements to Church email and Sherry will format for Sunday service

·       Mid Week (mail chimp) newsletter:  Ministry Teams and others need to send items to Diane and also give ideas about what you are interested in having in these documents.

·       There seems to be a need for having social contact with others  -  participants learned how to create break out rooms in zoom which allows a smaller group for conversation.

·       Christ’s Church how has it’s own YouTube channel  -  now has the current worship services.

·       Web Site  -  the main focus is a static document so people who are searching for a church family can find Christ’s Church and get an idea of the theology and how to participate. 


The Safe Sanctuary policy was reviewed and all Board persons were asked to sign recognizing their willingness to comply with this policy and be sure their signed form gets to the church office for filing.


A consensus supported finding a way to have a summary of Board minutes available for general reviewing.  This might occur on the web site.   The goal is to have transparency available for others of the church family that are not directly connected to the Board.

Treasurer's Report:  

            Checking account balance:  $44,390    General Funds Balance:  $29,440

            The difference is found in the designated fund categories.

            At this point the pledges for 2021 are $62,000 and there may be a few more coming in.


UM Methodist Lay Leader: 

            The current Bishop will be retiring this year.

            The General Conference this summer will again be on line.

Presbytery Elder Commissioner:  

            The next Presbytery Meeting is March 12th – 13th  -  also online.

            Beverly will send the link to the church family so anyone interested can also attend.

Pastors Report:  

            Pastor is working with SPRC developing a workable current job description.


Team Reports:


Steering Task Force Report:

            The Task Force continues to meet typically biweekly on Tuesday evening via Zoom.  The Group has identified that among administrative tasks SPRC is meeting regularly and working on pastor ½ time job description, the church needs a treasurer and volunteers for the office are slowly getting started.  The Church Board is again meeting monthly.  The Task Force is asking for direction from the Board regarding an exit plan possibly with an exit report to DS Wendy and Presbyter Clark, and if a group should be created to investigate options for the church’s future.  Other directives from the charge conference are in process.


Stewardship Team:  

·       A proposed 2021 Budget has estimated income = $74,586  estimated expenses = $88,000

MSC to approve the budget as presented realizing there may be a need for flexibility as the year proceeds.

·       Steve Moser also reported that due to the power outage there was a small amount of water in the basement.   That has been cleaned up and the heat is being left on to dry it out.    Thank you Moser Mob !!!

Staff Parish Relations Team:   see written report

·       Establishing liason individuals for paid staff as well as some of the volunteers.

·       Trying to increase communication systems within the church family

·       Will be establishing a current pastor ½ time job description and work expectations for 2021

MSC to approve 4 weeks of paid maternity leave for Emily Evans.

Education Team:  see written report

·       There will be email daily Lenten devotions

·       Thinking about “goodie bags” for Mother’s/Father’s days

Worship Team:   

·       Have been busy each week recording music and tech support for online worship

·       Announced the Ash Wednesday opportunities

Peace, Justice & Mission Team:  see written report

·       Consensus to send mission money to the following :  $1000 to Ella Curran Food Bank, $1000 to each Monmouth and Independence to help families behind on utility payments and $100 as food card to a family identified by a church member.

·       This leaves $1400 to be utilized as needs are identified in the future.

·       Discussion started about how to commuicate the One Great Hour of Sharing mission request.

Old Business:  none

New Business: 

·       Tabled until next meeting:  how to explore the options in thinking about the future

Meeting adjourned with prayer.


Next Board Meeting March 16, 2021  -  to be in person - church sanctuary and zoom


Sincerely Submitted by:


Gail Saxowsky, Clerk



This is a summary of Christ's Church Board Meeting of January 19, 2021 held by zoom.

If you are interested in the full text of the miutes please talk to Gail Saxowsky, the current Board Clerk.


The Annual Statistical Reports for both Denominations were approved to be submitted by the clerk.                                  

Ned Kenney was elected Treasurer and graciously declined.

Gail Saxowsky was elected Clerk of the Board.


MSC to request the Presbyery to pay percapita in installments for 2021.

·      Fiscal year 2020 ended with Income:  $134,219.62  and Expenses: $123,495.84

·      Discussion about some of the catergories, especially about the balances in some of the designated funds accounts

MSC to allow the PJM Ministry Team to spend up to $4000 from the Mission Trip account for some of the local mission needs either from the pandemic or the forest fire clean up and rebuilding.


Steering Task Force:   This task force was a result of the Annual Charge Conference / Annual Meeting in Nov. with the charge of getting the administrative responsibilities of the congregation functioning again.  This was to include clarifing responsibiities and roles especially in the area of finances, office general functioning and giving Pastor Dave support. 

To date the Task Force has updated the Financial Policies & Procedures utilizing the existing Christ’s Church documents and denominational resources, and shared this document with the current Treasurer and financial secretary and the Stewardship Team.  There has also been a major effort to catch up the organization in the church office, records and filing.

Another significant component that needs nuturing and growing is Communications.  This needs to be more during this time of pandemic and isolation.


Stewardship Team:  

·      it was agreed that both 2019 & 2020 should be included in the audit

·      The plan is to have a 2021 Budget ready by Feb. Board meeting

·      The furnaces downstairs were repaired March 2020 with a cost of $1148 / plans to talk with company to come back because they only worked on a temporary basis

Staff Parish Relations Team: 

·      Have met on Sunday and plan to meet more consistently for the next few months

·      Thanks to Jim B-L for being Chair and Dwight T. for being Board Rep for this past year.

·      Linda Grund-Clampit will be Chair and Board Representative this year

·      The decision was made to not ask for budget for an Administrative Assistant for  now and to use volunteers to handle the office needs

·      Also asked for prayers for Pastor Dave’s upcoming surgery on Feb. 4th and his recovery.

Education Team: 

·      There has been some conversation but nothing new planned for now

Worship Team:   

MSC to authorization administration of communion on the first Sunday of each month and for special occasions as planned with the Worship Team and Pastor.

·      Discussion encouraged finding ways to extend communion to those not able to attend via zoom

·      Discussion with SPRC & Worship to encourage Pastor Dave to take one Sunday per month off considering the half time position, leaving some time for other pastoral activities

·      Discussion also encouraged finding ways to fill in for Sundays when Pastor Dave is gone without having to spend pulpit supply monies.

Peace, Justice & Mission Team: 

·      Hospitality Week  -  meal from CC 1/31/21

·      Are working with Red Cross for a potential blood drive in May.  They use all the precautions needed for Covid and use the sanctuary  -  this worked well last spring

·      Had asked that the $400 for each denominational mission partner be paid out of the Mission Trip fund  -  this has been done.

Old Business: 

·      Question was raised about who will manage the garden plots  --  Pastor Dave said he and his son would get them cleaned up this spring.   No one took responsibility for the management

New Business:

·      Clerk was given permission to send thank you notes to all those who were involved in leadership for 2020.

Important Dates:

            Next Board Meeting February 16, 2021

            Presbytery Meeting – March 12 & 13

The meeting was adjourned with prayer.