This is a summary of the Church Board Minutes from 2.16.21 The Board is trying to find ways to be more transparent and to increase communications throughout the church family.


Summary of actions coming from the Communications Workshop prior to Board meeting.


The Safe Sanctuary policy was reviewed and all Board persons were asked to sign recognizing their willingness to comply with this policy and be sure their signed form gets to the church office for filing.


A consensus supported finding a way to have a summary of Board minutes available for general reviewing.  This might occur on the web site.   The goal is to have transparency available for others of the church family that are not directly connected to the Board.

Treasurer's Report:   

            Checking account balance:  $44,390    General Funds Balance:  $29,440

            The difference is found in the designated fund categories.

            At this point the pledges for 2021 are $62,000 and there may be a few more coming in.


UM Methodist Lay Leader: 

            The current Bishop will be retiring this year.

            The General Conference this summer will again be on line.

Presbytery Elder Commissioner:  

            The next Presbytery Meeting is March 12th – 13th  -  via Zoom.

            Beverly will send the link to the church family so anyone interested can also attend.

Pastors Report:  

            Pastor is working with SPRC developing a workable current job description.


Team Reports:


Steering Task Force Report:

            The Task Force continues to meet typically biweekly on Tuesday evening via Zoom.  The Group has identified that among administrative tasks SPRC is meeting regularly and working on pastor ½ time job description, the church needs a treasurer and volunteers for the office are slowly getting started.  The Church Board is again meeting monthly.  The Task Force is asking for direction from the Board regarding an exit plan possibly with an exit report to DS Wendy and Presbyter Clark, and if a group should be created to investigate options for the church’s future.  Other directives from the charge conference are in process.


Stewardship Team:   

MSC to approve the budget as presented realizing there may be a need for flexibility as the year proceeds.

Staff Parish Relations Team:   see written report

MSC to approve 4 weeks of paid maternity leave for pianist.

Education Team: 

Worship Team:   

Peace, Justice & Mission Team:  see written report

Old Business:  none

New Business: 

Meeting adjourned with prayer.


Next Board Meeting March 16, 2021  -  to be in person - church sanctuary and zoom


Sincerely Submitted by:


Gail Saxowsky, Clerk


This is a summary of Christ's Church Board Meeting of January 19, 2021 held by zoom.

If you are interested in the full text of the miutes please talk to Gail Saxowsky, the current Board Clerk.


The Annual Statistical Reports for both Denominations were approved to be submitted by the clerk.                                  

Ned Kenney was elected Treasurer and later declined.

Gail Saxowsky was elected Clerk of the Board.


MSC to request the Presbyery to pay percapita in installments for 2021.

MSC to allow the PJM Ministry Team to spend up to $4000 from the Mission Trip account for some of the local mission needs either from the pandemic or the forest fire clean up and rebuilding.


Steering Task Force:   This task force was a result of the Annual Charge Conference / Annual Meeting in Nov. with the charge of getting the administrative responsibilities of the congregation functioning again.  This was to include clarifing responsibiities and roles especially in the area of finances, office general functioning and giving Pastor Dave support. 

To date the Task Force has updated the Financial Policies & Procedures utilizing the existing Christ’s Church documents and denominational resources, and shared this document with the current Treasurer and financial secretary and the Stewardship Team.  There has also been a major effort to catch up the organization in the church office, records and filing.

Another significant component that needs nuturing and growing is Communications.  This needs to be more during this time of pandemic and isolation.


Stewardship Team:   

Staff Parish Relations Team: 

Education Team: 

Worship Team:   

MSC to authorization administration of communion on the first Sunday of each month and for special occasions as planned with the Worship Team and Pastor.

Peace, Justice & Mission Team:  

Old Business: 

New Business:

Important Dates:

            Next Board Meeting February 16, 2021

            Presbytery Meeting – March 12 & 13

The meeting was adjourned with prayer.