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Opportunities for Service in the Church

The many activities, programs, and worship events are planned by committees within Christ's Church. If you have a specific interest in promoting worship, social concerns, youth, missions, or church building maintenance, there are committee on which you can serve. Each quarter all the committees gather to discuss the overall needs in the life of the congregation. Each committee gathers as needed at the discretion of the leadership in the committee. If you like working with others, committee work is one exciting way to enhance the life of the church.

Assisting In Worship Service
There are many opportunities to help during the worship service. From ushering to helping the pastor, there is something for everyone at whatever your comfort level may be. Simply respond to the many volunteer opportunities that are announced periodically, or talk to one of the members doing the service you would like to do to find out how to get involved.

The choir at Christ's Church is an evolving body of people who love to sing or have talents with musical instruments to share. Anyone is welcome to join, no matter what level of expertise you many feel that you have. Beginning singers are also welcome, no experience necessary for joining the Christ's Church choir! If you enjoy music and want to participate, please talk to the choir director or a member. They will let you know the details for being part of this interesting service to the church. Click for more information about the music in our church

Joy Bells
The joy bell choir is quite a special addition to the Christ's Church musical family. Members of the joy bell choir play hand bells for various occasions or events during the year. All are welcome to join the joy bell choir, experience is not necessary. If you are interested in this enjoyable service, talk with the choir director about your interest. Click for more information about the music in our church

Leading study groups
A Bible and christian study group meets during adult Sunday School before Sunday Service. They also are part of a week of activity to keep our faith in our life each of the seven days in the week. Several groups meet in individual members' homes. Different topics relating to the Bible and Christian life are explored during the year. Some studies are led by the Pastor, others by members, some are collaborative - the group deciding what to study. Everyone is welcome to join a group and explore the topic of the study. Click for more information about study groups

Caring for our facilities
Our church building is used by our membership for many activities, also by various community groups so building maintenance is important. We rely on individual members and groups of members to help keep the grounds looking good and the building taken care of. If you are interested in the structural health of the church building and it's grounds, the members of our building committee would like to include you in their work. Speak with the Pastor or the Administrative Assistant for more details: Contact information