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Christ's Church Youth Activities

Christ's Church Youth & Young Adults

Our youth are blessed with a compassionate fellowship within the congregation. They participate fully in all aspects of the Sunday Worship Service. Each is invited to serve as they are able in our community service and missions.

Western Compass ministers to WOU Studentskatie in guatemala

Western Compass is a student organization designed to minister to the students at Western Oregon University through weekly fellowship over shared meals, periodic special programs and retreats, and spiritual and emotions support. As program director Nicholas Ertsgaard directs the weekly meals and special programs on campus.

Weekly meals at Sing Fay are free to WOU students. They gather at 5:00PM, share their POWs, WOWs and HOWs of the week before they discuss topics of the day, something from a book or video, or whatever the students find important that day. The POWs are "what was a challenge this week;" WOWs are "what was great and positive this week;" and HOWs are "how is your spiritaul being, your soul, this week?"

Nick grew up in a Lutheran church and now serves as assistant music director for St Pauls Episcopal Church in Salem. His music specialty is vocal and sings with his wife in a group in Portland. He serves the needs of the students as one who still has asimilar youthful spirit.

seeds of love jerry brazaThis winter Western Compass is planning a special presentation by Jerry Braza, who formerly taught at WOU. He will speak about his book, The Seeds of Love, on Mindfulness. In brief Dr. Braza's book points out that if we plant seeds of love we will reap love; but if we plant hate, we will receive hate in return."

The date of this presentation will be announced as soon as the firm date is set.

In the past Western Compass has sponsored speakers on human trafficking in the United States, particualrly in Oregon, and on Fair Trade issues in Columbiajen at soa. In the past years Western Compass has supported trips with students to Guatemala to better understand the fair trade concerns, and to Atlanta, Georgia to protest the activities of the School of Americas. This summer there is an opportunity for students to travel to Gambell, Alaska to help finish build a new Presbyterian Church which will also serve the community of about 900 as a community center as well.

Youth and Young Folks Discuss Bible on Monday Evenings

Young adults (16 - 30) are invited to dinner and religious discussions on Monday evenings. All are welcome. Discussions start at 6:30 PM. For location and other questions 503.838.1724

Summer Vacation Bible School

Christ's Church conducts Vacation Bible School sometime during the summer, typically mid to late July. Each year the program and dates respond to the needs and resources of the church and community.